Capital City Commercial Banking Customer Info

Commercial Banking and Branch Info

Continue to use your previous bank’s branches.  Branch hours will remain the same.  The process to combine our systems and operations is expected to occur in early 2019, at which time you will be able to utilize the entire Capitol Federal® and former Capital City Bank branch network. 

Business Online Banking customers should continue to access online banking in the same manner and with the same credentials.  All aspects of the Business Online Banking system, including file cutoffs, limits and decisioning will remain the same.

Other key items to keep in mind for former Capital City Bank customers:

  • Your account numbers will remain the same
  • Your checks remain valid, even with the Capital City Bank logo and routing number
  • Your debit cards and ATM PINs will remain the same
  • Cashier’s checks and money orders issued prior to 9/1/18 remain valid

Stay updated with the most current merger-related information. Visit this Merger Resource Center and CapFed® social media, including Facebook and Twitter.

Effective September 1, 2018, all ATMs associated with Capitol Federal and Capital City will be surcharge-free for all customers.  This includes the Capitol Federal Walgreens ATM network. Please note that while Capitol Federal ATM's accept deposits, former Capital City Bank customers will not be able to utilize the ATM deposit feature on Capitol Federal ATM’s until after system conversion in early 2019.

Funds availability policy and current fee schedule for former Capital City Bank account holders will remain the same.  Funds availability policies and fee schedules will be aligned at system conversion.

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