Capitol Federal® invites you to securely shred your important documents with us. We believe shredding is a safe and easy way to fight against identity theft. 

What to Bring
  • Two paper/plastic grocery bags or two copy paper-sized boxes, maximum

  • Household or personal records

  • Paper only - electronics cannot be accepted

  • Please follow guidelines - odd sizes will be refused
Upon arrival, please sign in prior to having your items shredded. For your safety, remain in your car. Capitol Federal employees will unload your materials.

What to Shred
  • Bank statements, utility bills, credit card statements or other personal correspondence

  • Old tax returns (Visit for guidance on what to shred and what to keep)

  • Check carbons with your account number

  • Loan documents for vehicles you no longer own

  • Documents with personal identifying information, such as name and date of birth or social security number

  • Records from closed 401(k) and other financial accounts (after everything has been properly transferred)
For a timeline on how long to keep your business and personal documents, visit our Point of Blue blog