Contest and Promotion Winners


Winter 2020 Timeless Trivia Winners:

Ingrid D. – Olathe, KS
Kim E. – Topeka, KS
Evon R. – Wichita, KS
Steve Z. – Topeka, KS
Irma T. – Lawrence, KS
Jeff C. – Shawnee, KS
Teresa B. – Lake Quivira, KS
Nina O. – Wichita, KS
Colista A. – Overland Park, KS
Martha E. – Shawnee, KS

Winter 2020 Timeless Trivia Answers: 

1: Who was the Grand Marshal of the 2019 Tournament of Roses Parade?
Answer: Chaka Khan

2: The famous Hollywood sign was built in 1923, and originally said what?
Answer: Hollywoodland

3: There are 5 categories of inductees for the Hollywood Walk of Fame: Motion Pictures, TV, Recordings/Music, Radio and Theatre/Live Performance. Who is the only celebrity to have a star in all five Walk of Fame categories?
Answer: Gene Autry

4: What is the name of the famous tar pits in LA that preserved the bones of trapped animals?
Answer: The La Brea Tar Pits

S'more Time with Family Big Cedar Lodge Giveaway Winner:

Jeff S. - Olathe, KS

Summer 2019 Timeless Trivia Winners:

Barbara J. – Valley Center, KS
Mary Lou D. – Topeka, KS
Martha G. – Lawrence, KS
Collette L. – Wichita, KS
Mary G. – Kansas City, MO
Dean M. – New Braunfels, TX
Josephine W. – Wichita, KS
Brenda F. – Lawrence, KS
Marilyn D. – Olathe, KS
Eileen G. – Kansas City, MO
Bill S. – Lawrence, KS

Summer 2019 Timeless Trivia Answers:

1: Who was the only President born in New York City?
Answer: Theodore Roosevelt or Donald Trump Jr.

2: How many windows are in the Statue Of Liberty’s crown?
Answer: 25

3: New York City has two Major League Baseball teams. What are they?
Answer: Yankees and Mets

4: Emily Warren Roebling was the first person to cross the Brooklyn Bridge in 1883 and carried what animal on her lap as a symbol of victory?
Answer: Rooster

2019 Capitol Federal® VIP Experience Winner:
Jeremy H.  - Topeka, KS

2019 Friday Favorites $500 Visa® Gift Card Winner:
Kathy P.  - Topeka, KS 

Spring 2019 Timeless Trivia Winners:

Jeff D. – Shawnee, KS
Robert K.  – Bonner Springs, KS
Marilyn S. – Olathe, KS
Donald M. – Overland Park, KS
Wayne P. – Topeka, KS
Diane L. – Overland Park, KS
Rhonda M. – Overland Park, KS
Ingrid D. – Olathe, KS
Debby G. – Lawrence, KS
William R. – Manhattan, KS

Spring 2019 Timeless Trivia Answers:

1: What is Washington, D.C.'s official bird?
Answer: Wood Thrush (Hylocichla mustelina)

2: What is the tallest structure in Washington, D.C.?
Answer: The Washington Monument

3: In front of the Library of Congress sits a fountain dedicated to which Roman god?
Answer: Neptune

4: Washington, D.C. uses letters instead of numbers for street names. What letter is not used as a street name?
Answer: J