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Kent Townsend, CFO, Shares What Sets CapFed® Apart

Kent Townsend Image
Kent Townsend, CFO, shares how Capitol Federal® has built a strong financial foundation with a customer-oriented focus and how that sets us apart from other banks.

Check back often to learn more about the economy, finances, housing and our True Blue® traditions by watching our CapFed® series of videos. These short snippets of video will provide insights to help you make more informed decisions as you make your way through 2016 and beyond. Both our Executive Team and our employees will be featured, telling you what you need to know and what's to come. We are excited to share what it means to be True Blue®.

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A. D. Adams

56 years with CapFed. I opened my first savings account at 7 years old from my money from cutting yards and throwing papers. Years later I borrowed all my construction loans from CapFed when I was in business building homes. Many years later and I am still with CapFed.

Frank Hughes

I have been with Cap Fed for over 35 years and have had nothing but a positive experience with them. Between home mortgage, checking, saving all have been positive. Now, my kids that are grown use them for their banking needs. Keep up the good work.

Loushiel Dodson

Cap Fed used to not charge a service charge on the Heritage checking accounts. Please return that policy.

Erwin J Ulses

I have been dealing With CapFed for approximately 40 years and have experienced nothing but great customer service, a friendly smile and transactions second to none, not once in about 500 months have I failed to balance accounts with CapFed. Wonderful banking institution and community leader. Thanks for the great service.

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