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Carl Ricketts Shares Why CapFed® is a Great Place to Work

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Are you looking to make a positive impact on your community, or work with some of the best team members in the region? From benefits to growth opportunities, Capitol Federal® offers its employees a number of reasons to be True Blue®. Hear EVP Carl Ricketts share reasons why you will find success in a career at CapFed®.

Check back often to learn more about the economy, finances, housing and our True Blue® traditions by watching our CapFed series of videos. These short snippets of video will provide insights to help you make more informed decisions as you make your way through 2016 and beyond. Both our Executive Team and our employees will be featured, telling you what you need to know and what's to come. We are excited to share what it means to be True Blue. See the other videos here.

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james a gomez

Hey Carl ,nice to see you doing well,hope to see you at opening day at south shore !

Tim carver

Good to see you.

David Viebrock

Nice job Carl!!

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