Account Activity

You are able to view the activity for a specified account by clicking on that account while on the Overview page or the Account Summary page.

Select the Account and transaction Type using the dropdown lists. Enter a date range (mm/dd/yyyy) or choose from the calendar icons for the account activity. Select Display. (Items appearing in gray italics are being processed and cannot be edited.)

Sort account activity by selecting the hyperlinked column headings. Sorting a column other than Date will cause the Account Balance column to disappear.

To view a check image select the check number hyperlink. A pop up box will display the front and back image of your check. Note: Viewing of check images may be subject to fees; please refer to the most recent version of our Disclosure Booklet.

Account Activity Image


Available Balance: is the amount of your current balance available to you for a cash withdrawal, payments, checks or any type of debit transaction.

Note: Certain transactions such as recent checks written or signature-authorized debit card purchases may not be reflected in Current or Available Balances.

Available Credit: applies only to Execuline Loans, and is the amount that may be withdrawn (advanced).

Current Balance: is the total amount in your account.

Current Escrow Balance: is the amount currently available to pay taxes and insurance.

Current YTD Interest: is the cumulative amount of interest paid for this loan for the year to date.

Interest Rate: is the contract rate and is not the Annual Percentage Rate (APR). The contract rate is used to compute the amount of interest due for each payment.

Maturity Date: is the date the CD/IRA account will reach maturity.

Payment Due Amount: is the loan payment amount due for the payment due date.

Payment Due Date: is the date your loan payment is due.

Previous Year Interest: is the amount of interest paid on the loan for the previous year.

Previous Year Taxes: are taxes paid for the previous year from the escrow balance for this loan.

Principal Balance: is the amount you still owe on the loan. Your actual payoff amount may differ from the balance shown because of interest that is due or an escrow balance credit or shortage.

Balance: (for Execuline Loans only) is the current outstanding balance. This includes principal and outstanding billed interest. Balance is not a payoff amount and does not include interest since the last statement cycle.