Account Summary

The Welcome Message indicates whether you have pending secure messages from Capitol Federal. Please check your messages by clicking on the link provided. You can view Account History by clicking on the account name (number) link provided.

You can select your own Account Nickname that is easy for you to remember. For additional information on how to add or modify the account nickname, refer to Manage Account Preferences.
Make Payment Now: on your loan accounts provides a quick link to set up a transfer payment.


Amount Due: is the loan payment amount due for the due date.

Available Balance: is the amount of your current balance available to you for a cash withdrawal, payments, checks or any type of debit transaction.

Note: Certain transactions such as recent checks written or signature-authorized debit card purchases may not be reflected in Current or Available Balances.

Available Credit: applies only to Execuline Loans, and is the amount that may be withdrawn (advanced).

Current Balance: is the total amount in your account.

Due Date: is the date your loan payment is due.

Interest Rate: is the contract rate and is not the Annual Percentage Rate (APR). The contract rate is used to compute the amount of interest due for each payment.

Maturity Date: is the date the CD/IRA account will reach maturity.

Principal Balance: is the amount you still owe on the loan. Your actual payoff amount may differ from the balance shown because of interest that is due or an escrow balance credit or shortage.

Account Summary Image