Change Security Answers

You may change your security questions and answers by clicking the Change Security Question Answers link on the Self Service screen.

It is very important to complete this screen with information that is easily remembered by you, but is difficult for someone else to guess or to discover.

In each of the Question / Answer entries, you can select from any of the available questions and supply an answer that is appropriate for you.

The last 6 digits of your social security number along with the first two questions are used as challenge information when you Forget Your Password. This information will allow you to reset your password without requiring contact with Capitol Federal's Customer Service.

The remaining questions are part of True Blue Online's security measures that are provided for your security and safety.

When you login with one or more factors that are different from your typical use, you may be asked to respond to one or more of these Challenge Questions. By providing the correct answers, your login will be complete.

Change Security Answers Image