Frequently Asked Questions

Log In Information Beginning August 27, 2018

On August 27, 2018, how will I log in to True Blue Online®?

At your first log in, enter your User ID using all lower case letters (if your current User ID has upper case letters, enter them as lower case), in the login box at  Your password will be your 4-digit PIN number for the first login. This is the PIN you use for transactions at the ATM. You will then be prompted to reset your password.

During your second log in, you will be asked to receive a one-time security code. To do this, you must have a current phone number on file. If your phone number (home or cell) is no longer accurate, contact us.

Once you receive your one-time security code, follow the instructions provided.


When will the upgrade to True Blue Online® and Mobile take place?

The upgrade will be available on August 27, 2018.  Also, a new mobile app will appear in the various app stores on the same date.

Will I experience an interruption of service during the upgrade?

There will be an interruption of True Blue Online® and Mobile banking service beginning at 9 pm on August 24, 2018 and lasting until Monday morning, August 27.  Online Bill Payment will be unavailable from 1 am, August 24 until Monday morning, August 27.

What do I need to do to prepare for the upgrade and ensure I have access to all the information I want?

To ensure a smooth conversion, please visit the Preparing for the New TBO page and follow the steps listed.

What new features and services will be available after the upgrade?
• FREE mobile deposit
• New tablet app for iPad®, Android and Kindle tablets
• Added security with step-up authentication and added alert options by email and text
• Easier access to eStatements and other online documents
• New and updated navigation to find items quickly
• Touch ID® available for easy sign-on with your fingerprint
• Ability to edit payees and use People Pay within the mobile app
.... and more!

Bill Payment Information

What information or payments will not carry over to the new online banking system?

Account alerts, eStatements, eBills and External Transfers will NOT carry over to the new TBO.  These will need to be re-established after August 27. If you currently use eBills or external transfers, click here.

What information or payment WILL carry over to the new online banking system?

Existing bill payment information, including payees, payment history, contacts and other information will transfer automatically, no action is required. Your account numbers, deposit and loan account rates, check information, direct deposit and ACH information and True Blue® Direct Visa® debit card PIN will not change.

How will Bill Pay dates change after the upgrade?

Bill Payment processing changes will affect the timing of debits from your accounts:

•  CURRENT ONLINE BILL PAYMENT (prior to 8/27/18):
Payments are debited from your account on, or after, the due date you set for your payment. This leaves you sometimes wondering when the funds may come out of your account because you are waiting for the biller to cash your payment.

•  NEW ONLINE BILL PAYMENT (after 8/27/18):
Under the new model, payments will be debited on the day you select. This will be 2-4 days prior to the delivery date to provide enough time for sending of the payment. This gives you more control on when the funds are debited from your account. You will know when the money is set to come out of your account.

After conversion will I be able to see previous payments to payees?
Yes, you will be able to see prior payments from the old TBO in the new TBO, after conversion.

Quicken Information

Can I use Quicken® Direct Connect after the conversion to the new True Blue Online®?
No, Quicken® Direct Connect will no longer be supported. All Quicken users will use either Web Connect or Express Web Connect.  For more information, and to learn how to change your Quicken connection, click here.

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