Manage Alerts

The list reflects the alerts you currently have set up on your accounts.

Balance Alerts
- Use Balance Alerts to be notified when you have a low account balance or excess funds you might want to move to a higher yield investment, such as our CDs.

Transaction Alerts - Use Transaction Alerts to notify you when your payroll is deposited, a check clears or to monitor a variety of account activities (debits/credits/ATM).

New Message Alerts - Use New Message Alerts to notify you when Capitol Federal® has sent you a secure message. This includes important bill pay information and other secure communications. 

Budget Alerts - Use Budget Alerts to be notified when the spending for any of your budget categories exceeds your target amount. 

By selecting the appropriate activity, you may:

  • Edit: allows you to assign the contact points associated with each individual alert.
  • Active: a check mark in the box indicates the status of the alert is active, a blank is inactive. You can change the status by clicking on the box. When all status changes are complete, select Update Status.
  • Delete: selecting this icon will display a verification screen for you to approve the request to delete the alert.
  • Disable All/Enable All: you can choose to disable or enable all alerts with a single button. The appropriate button will display based upon the status of the alerts on your list.

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