New Transfers

You may transfer both to and from any of your eligible Capitol Federal checking, savings, money market, and Execuline equity line of credit accounts.


Transfers to a loan account will be treated as a payment and applied to the amount due for interest, principal balance, escrow and other receivables, or applied as a principal-only payment.


  1. Select the account you want to transfer funds From.

  2. Select the account you want to transfer funds To.

  3. Select whether the transfer should be applied to the regular payment or principal only.

  4. For Frequency, select the appropriate schedule for the transfers to occur.

  5. Enter the First Transfer Date (mm/dd/yyyy) or use the calendar icon to select the date for the transfer to occur.

  6. For a recurring transfer, enter Number of Transfers by selecting Fixed Number and enter the number of transfers you wish to make or select Unlimited for open-ended transfers.

  7. Enter the Transfer Amount in dollars and cents. The maximum amount per transfer is $200,000.00.

  8. Select Next to confirm the details of your transfer.
New Transfers Image