Pending Payment Details

TBO Pending Payment Details Image


You can verify details, modify or delete a pending payment, the next payment in a series or the entire series.

Pending Payment Detail screen will appear, select the appropriate button which will allow you to:

·  View payment details:  Review the current pending payment details.

·  Edit this payment:  Modify a single payment, or the current payment in a series, it will not modify the recurring payment schedule.

·  Skip (delete) this payment:  Delete a single payment, or the current payment in a series, it will not delete the recurring payment schedule.

·  Edit this payment and the recurring series:  Modify the current payment and the entire recurring series.

·  Skip (delete) this payment and delete the recurring payment series:  Delete the current payment and the recurring payment schedule.


This page will not allow you to change the payee to a different name. You must delete this payment and set up a new payment.

The following fields can be modified:

·  From Account: select the checking account you wish to pay from.

·  Memo: is informational only and not required.

·  Amount: enter the amount of the payment in dollars and cents (including the decimal).

·  Date: (using the format mm/dd/yyyy) or select the desired date for the payment from the calendar date box.

We recommend that you Send Payments at least FIVE BUSINESS DAYS prior to the date the payment is due to allow adequate processing.

Every day is a business day except Saturdays, Sundays and Federal Holidays. If a payment is requested for a day on which the Bank does not remit, the payment will be processed on the prior business day.

If the payment schedule you select is recurring, the following fields will be available for change:

·  Frequency:  select the appropriate schedule for the payment to occur.

·  Number of Payments:  select Fixed Number and enter the number of payments you wish to make or select Unlimited for open-ended payments.

·  Final Payment Amount:  enter the final payment amount if it is different from the regularly scheduled payment.

A verify screen will display for you to review and approve the payment changes as entered. Follow the instructions provided on the screen.


The payment detail information will display followed by a verification screen after selecting Next. Follow the instructions provided on the screen to delete the payment/series.