Transfer History

This is a list of scheduled transfers that have been processed. Immediate transfers provide confirmation at the time the transfer is initiated.

Transfers included in this history are the scheduled transfers initiated using True Blue Online®. Other transfers initiated through phone, Customer Service or immediate transfers on True Blue Online® can be viewed through Account Activity.

Select the Status and Amount of history to show for the transfer history you wish to view, click Display.

Sort the list of transfers by selecting the hyperlinked column headings.

You may review details of the transfer by selecting the Details link.

Select the envelope icon to send an inquiry regarding the transfer to Customer Service.


  • Pending: Indicates that the transfer process has not started.

  • Posted: Indicates that the transfer process has finished, the transfer between accounts has occurred.

  • Posting: Indicates that this transfer is not finished. Please check back later to review the status of your transfer.

  • Unavailable Funds: Indicates that there were not sufficient available funds in the account to complete the transfer.

  • Rejected: Indicates a transfer has not been completed; please contact Customer Service at 1-888-8CAPFED (1-888-822-7333) for assistance.

  • Cancelled: Indicates a payment that has been cancelled by you.
Transfer History Image