Transfer History Inquiry

This area allows you to receive and send secure messages between you and Capitol Federal.

A Customer Service Representative will return a Secure Message through True Blue Online® within 48 hours related to your inquiry.


Select a Reason for Inquiry from the list box.

The following information will automatically be entered; verify this is the correct transfer for your inquiry:

Confirmation ID: is used to identify this transfer.

Transfer From: is the account the funds were to be withdrawn from.

Transfer To: is the account the funds were to be deposited to.

Transfer Date: is the date the transfer should have occurred on.

Enter your message in the Message/Comments box:

  • If you would prefer our Customer Service Representative to reply by telephone, please include your phone number and a time of day when you may be reached. Please do not send an email address for us to respond.

Select Send Request to send your secure message to Capitol Federal, or select Cancel to return to the Transfer History page.

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