Blue Bucks Kids' Savings

Kids' savings account - blue bucks

This savings account for kids under the age of 14 - is the perfect first savings account for any young person in your life. With a Blue Bucks savings account, your youngest savers learn the importance of saving and the value of money from the Blue Bucks gang, featuring Milo, Earnie, Chloe, Fancy and Penny.

Perfect for…

  • Baby’s first account
  • Ages 0 - 13
  • Long-term savings
  • Learning the value of money
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blue bucks kids' club

As a Blue Bucks Savings account holder, kids are automatically a member of the Blue Bucks Kids' Club.  As members, they receive special benefits, prizes and newsletters. 

Special benefits include…

  • Membership kit with gifts
  • Quarterly rewards
  • Quarterly newsletter with activity
  • Birthday surprise!
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blue bucks kids' savings

A 12-month, variable rate CD, just for kids! 

An excellent account to show kids the value of long-term savings and how CD investing works. With a low minimum of $100 to open, kids or parents can add deposits of $25 or more, at any time. Open an account and show your young person how stashing money away can really add up over time.

Perfect for…

  • Educating kids on CD investing
  • Long-term savings
  • Earning a higher interest rate than a typical kids' savings account
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Blue Bucks Kids' Club - fun and games

There are all sorts of fun things to do with your family and friends in the Fun and Games center.  Stop by today for good times with Milo and gang.

  • Coloring Pages
  • Games
  • Craft Activities
  • Kids' Event Calendar
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write to milo

Milo knows money – ask him questions about how to save or even where money comes from, and he will respond to you directly.  You may even get a surprise with your reply!

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