Blue Bucks Fun and Games

savings goal sheets

Print out one of these sheets to help you reach your savings goal!

Blue Bucks Savings Goal Sheet Image

Blue Bucks Savings Goal Sheet Image

Blue Bucks Savings Goal Sheet Image

Do you like to color?

Here are pictures of the Blue Bucks mascots for you to color. Just click on an image below to download a PDF file of the coloring page. Print, color and send to the address below. We'll send you a cool Blue Bucks gift! Be sure to include your name, age and address.

Mail your coloring sheets to: Capitol Federal, Attention: Marketing, 700 S Kansas Avenue, Topeka, KS 66603

Blue Bucks Coloring Sheet Image             Download Here

Leap Day Coloring Page Image       Download Here

Blue Bucks Coloring Sheet Image 1           Download Here

Blue bucks Adventures

Check out the most recent Blue Bucks craft in the newest Blue Bucks Adventures.

Blue Bucks Adventures Winter 2016 Image                 Winter 2017

Fall Issue of Blue Bucks Adventures                     Fall 2016

Blue Bucks Spring 2016 Newsletter Image          Spring 2016

pumpkin carving patterns

Print out these fun patterns to create a unique jack-o-lantern for Halloween! (Always make sure you ask an adult to help you carve your pumpkin.)

Pumpkin Carving Trick or Treat Pattern
Pumpkin Carving Milo the Moose Pattern

Pumpkin Carving Frog Pattern

Pumpkin Carving Cat Pattern

Pumpkin Carving CapFed® Pattern

Blue Bucks Savings Image

Blue Bucks Kids' Savings Account

The savings club - just for kids under the age of 14 - is the perfect first savings account for any young person in your life.

Learn More
Write to Milo Image

Write to Milo

Ask Milo questions about how to save or about money, and he will respond to you directly. You may even get a surprise with your reply!

Write Milo
Community Events Image

Events In Your City

Find a local community event to enjoy with your family and friends.  It’s easy to search by city, date or event type.

Community Events