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Insurance Basics for 20-Somethings

Capitol Federal's resident millennial, Born in the 90s Ben, covers more of the basics you need to know when it's time to get your own insurance.

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Millennials and Insurance

Capitol Federla's resident millennial, Born in the 90s Ben, breaks down the basics on what you need to know about insurance.

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From a Millennial's Perspective

Follow along with Born in the 90s Ben as he learns his way around the world of personal finance.

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Chairman's Desk, September 2016

John Dicus, CEO, shares Capitol Federal® accomplishments.

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Your Child, the Entrepreneur

If you have a child who is interested in starting a business, here are tips to help you guide them on the path to entrepreneurship.

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How a CD Ladder can Help Your Savings Grow

If you’re saving for a long-term goal, such as buying a house or college tuition, setting up a CD ladder could help you reach your goals.

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Hands-On Money Management Tips for Teens

Getting your child set up with a personal bank account is a great way to start teaching them money management skills.

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5 Clever Uses for Old Mobile Devices

Before you toss your old phone or tablet in the junk drawer, or trash, consider these ideas for reusing mobile devices.

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Carl Ricketts Shares Why CapFed® is a Great Place to Work

From benefits to growth opportunities, Carl Ricketts shares why you will find success in a career at Capitol Federal®.

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Connect with Your Community and Us

Tom Hagen, Marketing Communications Specialist, shares how you can learn about CapFed® volunteering initiatives, community events and more.

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