Mortgage Consultants at CapFed®

a legacy of heritage, heart and home!

For more than 120 years, Capitol Federal® has built a Tradition of Strength, Honor and Stability – always keeping our customers and their security foremost in mind. We begin by finding the best people to serve our customers, people with the experience and longevity it takes to assist customers as they make one of the most important decisions in their lives – the purchase of a home.

Find a mortgage consultant professional near you and discover the knowledge and understanding he or she will provide for you. Beyond their lending expertise, you’ll notice their extensive “Commitment to Community” and to the housing industry as a whole. 

Whether you're buying your first home, moving, refinancing or purchasing your dream house, contact one of us today and discover why Capitol Federal is a Leading Residential Lender.


Delores Heins ImageDelores Heins
NMLS# 556744

greater kansas city

Brian Bruns Image Brian Bruns
Greater Kansas City
NMLS# 556758

Rachael French ImageRachael French
Greater Kansas City
NMLS# 556675

Rigoberto Juardo Image  Rigoberto Jurado
  Greater Kansas City
  English or Spanish
  NMLS# 1115029

Joyce McKnight ImageJoyce Knight
Greater Kansas City
NMLS# 556694

Jon Otten ImageJon Otten
Greater Kansas City
NMLS# 556696

Maria Carolina Porta Image Maria Carolina Porta
Greater Kansas City
English or Spanish
NMLS# 556757

Brittany Ray Image Brittany Ray
Greater Kansas City
NMLS# 1168089

Tom Rosberg Image Tom Rosberg
Greater Kansas City
NMLS# 262121

Sherri Trotter Image Sherri Trotter
Greater Kansas City
NMLS# 556687


Mark Hernandez ImageMark V. Hernandez
NMLS# 556689


Mike Brighton ImageMichael Brighton
NMLS# 556688


Jake Wise ImageJake Wise
NMLS# 556721


Paulean Carter ImagePaulean Carter
NMLS# 556706

Tim Murray ImageTim Murray
NMLS# 556686

Angela Moore ImageAngela Moore
NMLS# 1231114


Teketa Harding
NMLS# 556760

Janet McElroy ImageJanet McElroy
NMLS# 556692

Brandy Mitchell ImageBrandy Mitchell
NMLS# 556729

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